From a letter sent to the Council Of Europe:

About the European Charter of Regional or minority languages, located on this address
I wonder where is the Moldovan? I am from Moldova, my language is Moldovan, the majority of Moldovan speaks Moldovan (see the census results), in Ukraine Moldovan is also one of the officially recognized minority languages.  
You may reply to me that there is Romanian, that is the same, I would agree, but this language has two official denominations. One is in Romania, the name of the language is "Romanian", another one is in Moldova, the denomination is "Moldovan", why would you considering the Romanians have more right to name its language than Moldovans?
As solution I would recommend using the "Moldovan/Romanian" variant of the language denomination. Because no one country is more "right" in naming its language, am I right? 
So, I am Moldovan, I speak Moldovan, Traian is Romanian, he speaks Romanian, we speak both the same, but I will ask my right to name my language "Moldovan", is written in our Constitution, and claimed by hundreds of thousands of Moldovan and Ukrainian citizens in national censuses!
Waiting for an answer ;)